our Historia

Our story begins in Mexico D.F., where Don Domingo Herrera was a respected and revered pioneer in the traditional artisanal Mexican candy manufacturing and retail industry. His sweet and tasty candy filled vendor spaces throughout “La Merced” where he and his beloved wife, Margarita became well-known, respected and admired.


Domingo had learned the trade after leaving his home of Huehuetoca Mexico in the 1940’s as a teenager in search of a brighter future. He met a candy maker in the city who took him in and taught him how to read and write along with the art of making candy. Domingo dedicated himself to learning and working hard to open his own candy factory. And he did.

It was there at “La Merced” in 1980 where Gerry, a young man from Oaxaca would meet Domingo, fall in love and marry his daughter Araceli. Domingo passed down his secret recipes and passion for candy making to his son in law.


With 3 daughters, a hope for more opportunities and big dreams of his own Gerry and his family journeyed to America. He was eager to provide his family with a brighter future than he’d had. He wanted America to learn about the delicious, traditional dulces cubiertos Mexicans loved and enjoyed.

In 1992 they arrived in Phoenix, AZ where soon they would work as a family from sun up to sun down to produce candy in a tiny shed and he and his wife would work at restaurants and laundromats to make ends meet. Neighbors would flock to the house to buy a piece of home, a taste that would remind them of the places they left behind. Gerry was given the nickname “Candy Man” by the people who knew him and tasted his candy. He began delivering candy to Mexican restaurants and grocery stores around the valley. Things were beginning to look promising.


After years of sacrifice and attempts to scale his candy business, Gerry and his family faced unrelenting economic challenges due to their lack of education, tools, and resources to grow. They stopped making candy and he went back to working in the food industry in restaurant kitchens. It was a challenging time.

Fast forward to 2018 and the dream has come back to life. Gerry’s children who are now adults have committed to making sure he and their grandfather Domingo’s dream never dies. El Sueño Rico is back and ready to bring the flavors, nostalgia, and unique taste to America. We are located in Atlanta, GA and producing our tasty candy; cocadas, camotes, macarrones, naranjas cristalizadas and let’s not forget our tasty and famous manzanas de tamarindo!

The Ramirez-Herrera family aren’t just candy makers and entrepreneurs, we are committed to proving to all, specially immigrants that our dreams can come true!

-El Sueño Rico